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The Podium Project


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What Is It?

Podium is a Web-based slideshow presentation system written in PHP. It's loosely based on the pres system used by the PHP team themselves, but since I couldn't get that to work for me I started writing something that I could get to work.

The goal of Podium is to allow the author to concentrate on content, letting Podium automatically take care of slide navigation, window dressing, and other niggling details.

Is There Any Documentation?

Sure! In fact, the documentation is itself in the form of a Podium presentation, running on the SourceForge Web server. It's not necessarily complete, nor entirely accurate, but I really am trying to keep it up to date.

What's the Status?

Podium is in a pre-alpha state, even though it's probably already alpha quality. It only started getting moved to SourceForge in March 2002. project page on SourceForge for other project information.

Mailing Lists

At the moment there are only three mailing lists associated with this project:

The logo is by Frank O'Connell, and is used with his permission.